Quantum Consciousnonsense

The annoying recent trend among popular western meditation advocates of pretending that mental processes like consciousness and meditation are best explained by quantum theory.

Heisenberg would certainly dispute Quantum Consciousness on principle.

Heisenberg would certainly dispute Quantum Consciousness on principle.

In fact, while the brain and body are highly complex and not yet fully understood, they almost certainly operate via predictable biochemical neurological processes, which occur several orders of magnitude above the quantum domain.

Essentially a modern day version of The God of The Gaps, attempting to fill the hole in current scientific knowledge with wishful but empowering platitudes.

Usually accompanied with misrepresentations of quantum theory by non-physicist authors misappropriating scientific jargon like:

  • Quantum entanglement
  • Heisenberg's uncertainty principle
  • Collapsing wave function
  • Quantum field

... to sound credible while implying that you can have anything you want in life just by meditating on it long enough, as described in their latest bestselling book.

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