How To Make Your Toshiba Laptop Run Like A TRS-80 Model I

I've been going completely crazy lately at the glacial speed of my Toshiba Satellite P50t laptop running Windows 10. My virus scanner kept reporting that the 10+ minutes that it took just to boot up was slower than 100% of computers like it, and hitting the “tune up” button wasn't helping. [caption id="attachment_2032" align="alignright" width="300"] They don't make 'em like this any more[/caption] For goodness sake, my TRS-80 Model I running NEWDOS/80 back in 1984 could boot faster. Not to mention all the waiting and spinning icons actually using the damn thing. It's 2017 for your-chosen-deity's sake, and a machine with a 2.8GHz processor should be just a bit speedier than that. So after ruminating for ages on the decline of modern technology and how things “should” be, rather than how they actually are, I decided to suck it up and upgrade the hard drive in the laptop to a Solid State Drive (SSD) to save my remaining mental health. (more…)

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Mother Induced Social Phobia

[caption id="attachment_2018" align="alignright" width="300"]No wonder you feel anxious No wonder you feel anxious[/caption] A widely prevalent and highly debilitating form of extreme social anxiety caused by being raised by a controlling or domineering mother. Often accompanied by Nice Guy Syndrome. Male sufferers tend to exhibit passive or submissive behaviour, especially around women. Symptoms include self-consciousness, panic attacks, social anxiety, depression and a lack of direction in life. Inner conflict and mental confusion typically results from excessive critical admonishments during childhood such as: "You're just like your father!"; who while overly passive, was in fact quite a decent bloke. (more…)

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10 Things I Learned About Religion From Game Of Thrones

Spoiler warning: This article may contain spoilers about your belief system. [caption id="attachment_2010" align="alignright" width="300"]Game of sex, death, violence and gratuitious nudity is more like it. Game of sex, death, violence and gratuitious nudity is more like it.[/caption] The characters, locations and events may be fictional, but Game Of Thrones still says a lot about how religion distorts our natural inclinations and can lead people to do destructive things that they otherwise would not. While the invented belief systems of Westeros are different to the invented belief systems of the real world, some disturbing parallels exist. So here are 10 Things I Learned About Religion From Game Of Thrones: (more…)

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The Grichter Scale of Migraine Headache Intensity

Migraine Headaches Feel Like This.

Migraine Headaches Feel Like This.

Most of my life I've suffered from debilitating migraine headaches.

Now that you feel all sorry for me, here's the helpful scale I came up with for rating their intensity. It's pi-exponential so the pain slightly more than triples with each increment:

0: No pain, no gain

1: Slightly tense, no worries

2: Is that a headache coming on?

3: Push through; keep working

4: Starting to feel anxious about this

5: Just on the good side of bad

6: Get really distracting now

7: Remember to breathe

8: Take painkillers

9: With codeine

10: Call mom

11: Nausea, vomiting, want to die… Continue reading…

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Phobia Shaming

The disturbing recent trend among social justice warriors to attribute any attitude or behaviour that they don't like in other people as if it resulted from a diagnosable mental illness. Examples include the pejorative use of labels such as homophobia and Islamophobia.

Shaming people for their fears is shameful

Shaming people for their fears is shameful

The implication is that sufferers of such "phobias" are weak, inferior people who should simply change their attitude by snapping out of their irrational fear.

This is demeaning to people who suffer from actual phobias, which in fact are no easier to fix, improve or change than a person's sexual orientation or deeply held religious beliefs.… Continue reading…

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Quantum Consciousnonsense

The annoying recent trend among popular western mindfulness meditation advocates of pretending that mental processes like consciousness are best explained by quantum theory. [caption id="attachment_1989" align="alignright" width="300"]Heisenberg would certainly dispute Quantum Consciousness on principle. Heisenberg would certainly dispute Quantum Consciousness on principle.[/caption] In fact, while the brain and body are highly complex and not yet fully understood, they almost certainly operate via predictable biochemical neurological processes, which occur several orders of magnitude above the quantum domain. Essentially a modern day version of The God of The Gaps, attempting to fill the hole in current scientific knowledge with wishful but empowering platitudes. (more…)

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The Forgiveness Speech

[caption id="attachment_1981" align="alignright" width="300"]Look, it's on my to-do list, OK!?! Look, it's on my to-do list, OK!?![/caption] A form of unsolicited advice typically launched by anger denialists in response to me saying that I feel angry about something. Especially prominent when the anger is directed towards my mother in response to some form of destructive behaviour that she has indulged in for most of my life. The launch of The Forgiveness Speech typically goes something like this: Graham: “I feel angry when my mother criticises and belittles my father in front of me” Denialist: “You need to learn to forgive” (more…)

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The Top 10 Things That Make Me Angry

[caption id="attachment_1975" align="alignright" width="300"]I feel like this guy some times I feel like this guy some times[/caption] I've been doing a lot of work around anger lately; an emotion that I used to suppress and internalise much to my detriment. It's not healthy to suck down your rage. Now that I've started to release the internal pressure cooker, things have become a little explosive and everything seems to be pissing me off. So for your amusement, here are my Top 10 Things That Make Me Angry: (more…)

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Busking at Music On The Streets in Bondi Beach

I've been playing guitar for around 6 years now, and I can strum up a decent tune on my own or playing with friends. But I get nervous playing in public; I feel anxious and my mind wanders through a series of stressful thoughts like “I'm crap!”, “They (whoever is listening) won't like it”, “They won't like the song I've chosen”, “My singing sounds bad” etc etc. It's exhausting! The first time I played guitar for an audience was in my guitar class, and although I was nervous, it went really well. The teacher wanted us to have a good experience playing in front of people, and the best way to conquer the fear was to play in front of a friendly crowd who were all in the same boat as beginner guitarists. The next time I played in front of an audience was in a comedy club, doing a variation of American Pie with humorous lyrics. I was so nervous that my left hand couldn't make the chord shapes, and the anxiety got worse the longer I played. One of the guys in the audience yelled out “You've killed a great song!” Damn hecklers! Damn anxiety! Damn damn damn damn damn! It was a few years before I wanted to play in front of an audience again. However, now with those few more years practise under my plectrum, I wanted to get over my fear of playing in public so I signed up for Music On The Streets in Bondi Beach. This was the first time I was going busking for money, and I was both excited and nervous. Would I be able to do it? Would the fear take over again? Would I make any money? The only way to know was to give it a go. (more…)

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