Mother Induced Social Phobia

No wonder you feel anxious

No wonder you feel anxious

A widely prevalent and highly debilitating form of extreme social anxiety caused by being raised by a controlling or domineering mother.

Often accompanied by Nice Guy Syndrome. Male sufferers tend to exhibit passive or submissive behaviour, especially around women. Symptoms include self-consciousness, panic attacks, social anxiety, depression and a lack of direction in life. Inner conflict and mental confusion typically results from excessive critical admonishments during childhood such as: "You're just like your father!"; who while overly passive, was in fact quite a decent bloke.

I invented this psychiatric diagnosis on the beach this morning for the DSM-7. This should give pharmaceutical companies adequate time to research, develop, manufacture, clinically trial, patent and market a placebo-based medicine precisely targeting this specific disorder, which they can then lobby for inclusion in the DSM.

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