12 Signs You're Addicted To 12-Step Meetings

A lot of my friends tell me that they're struggling with addictions of various sorts. Some of them describe themselves as “sex addicts”, and a surprising number of those are female. Of course, I never meet them until they're already “in recovery”, do I? [caption id="attachment_822" align="alignright" width="289"]Play 12-Step Roulette. Pick a group, and go! Play 12-Step Roulette. Pick a group, and go![/caption] Everyone else I meet seems to be either alcoholic or codependent. They don't have time to hang out with me because they're always too busy “going to a meeting”. So just to prove that I'm not bitter or anything, here are 12 signs that you're addicted to 12-Step meetings: (more…)

By Graham, ago
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How To Stop Drinking

I have some friends for whom excessive alcohol consumption has been a problem in the past. Sometimes still is. They go to groups where they hide their identity while climbing a dozen stairs, and label themselves as “alcoholics”. I see them differently: I think they're just regular people using alcohol to avoid painful feelings. Up until now, that is. (more…)

By Graham, ago