Feeling Depressed? Try having a Good Cry

I was feeling depressed on Tuesday. I'd been struggling with Chronic Fatigue for over a year, and it was one of the bad days when I woke up feeling like I'd been run over by a bus that just kept backing up and having another go me it over and over. I'd also spent over a year writing and publishing an ebook which wasn't selling. I was having a bad day and felt lousy.

Australian society doesn't do a great job of encouraging us guys to express how we feel, especially when we're down. Our English stiff-upper-lip cultural heritage combined with the rugged blokey mentality tells us that if you're a guy and you cry, there's something wrong with you. Yet crying is our natural way of releasing emotions of sadness or loss. When you have a good cry, it might feel painful and embarrassing at the time, but … Continue reading…

By Graham, ago