My Highlights Of The 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

I totally smashed the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, going to over 30 shows during the 3 weeks I camped out in the Melbourne Central Youth Hostel, and then Nomads All Nations after the YHA kicked me out for overstaying my visa welcome. [caption id="attachment_1695" align="alignnone" width="1023"]Tickets From Some Of The Shows I Saw Tickets From Some Of The Shows I Saw[/caption] I take my hat off to all the comedians who showed up and strutted their stuff for my amusement. It's hard to rank all the shows I saw, or compare them on any sensible basis as there was so much variety and talent on show and they were almost all highly entertaining. But nevertheless, here's my best attempt starting with my most favourites: (more…)

By Graham, ago