How To Handle Rejection: By Getting Even

I know a lot of people are struggling these days with the whole concept of rejection. An invitation to grab a coffee with a cute member of the opposite sex is rudely declined, and you're left feeling all alone in the world with nobody to console you. An offer to dance is declined because they're “too tired”; and yet suddenly have a mysterious burst of energy when the next potential suitor comes along straight after. You send an SMS or leave a voicemail, and your so-called “friend” never gets back to you. Some days it's just one rejection after another. Rejection stings because it reminds you just how much you hate yourself. Someone else affirms the negative beliefs about yourself that you've got stashed away deep down in your unconscious, and suddenly you're flooded with all the feelings of unworthiness and inadequacy that you've been avoiding ever since your earliest childhood experiences when you just weren't good enough to make the grade. But hang on a minute... who are they to put you in touch with such repressed inner pain by discarding your generous offer like that? You don't deserve it. You've spent a lifetime avoiding that pain, and you're certainly not about to go delving into it now. What's all this “taking responsibility for your own feelings” bullshit anyway? Fuck that. So here's how to really handle rejection; by getting even: (more…)

By Graham, ago