Anti-Vaccination Campaigner Dies Of Rubella

Doctors at Byron District Hospital this morning announced the sudden and unexpected death of leading anti-vaccination campaigner Meryl Dopey from rubella, a vaccine-preventable illness.

Ms Dopey is reported to have developed a fever of paranoid stupidity while penning a hyperbolic missive denigrating the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's campaign to eradicate polio, a preventable disease which continues to kill and cripple children in the third world. “Those starving kids are suffering anyway; if they don't die of polio, they're just going to die of hunger.”, she wrote shortly before her death, continuing “Their so-called 'foundation' has been linked with the notorious Rotary International in its genocidal efforts to murder this helpless virus. Bill Gates should stop shoving his nose into other people's illness and stick to making crap software.”

By the time she reached the hospital, the rubella virus had infected her brain. “We were surprised it could … Continue reading…

By Graham, ago