The Things That Are Left Behind

What do you get when you bring three groups of homeless and otherwise marginalized people from across Sydney together to create a show about the entire history and future of the universe by asking them the simple question "What was here in the past, and will be here in the future?"

TheThingsThatAreLeftBehind The Things That Are Left Behind

Milk Crate Theatre's Latest Show

No, it's not a joke; but it is funny. It's Milk Crate Theatre's latest show The Things That Are Left Behind.

For the last few weeks, I've been working with these amazing people to create a show about everything, from nothing. Nothing is the surest of places to begin. In this show we colour in the nothing with live performance story-telling combined with digital animation; all created from scratch by street-wise folk.

After the performance will be a Q&A about how we worked together to unlock our collective creative geniuses.

I'm in … Continue reading…

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Top 10 Reasons For Guys To Go To Yoga Class

I found myself in a yoga class by accident last weekend. You may wonder how this is even possible, but it happens to me more often than you might think. In fact, I find myself doing unexpected yoga so often that I keep a yoga mat permanently rolled up in my car precisely for such emergencies.

Not that I'm complaining or anything. Yoga is great for the body and an excellent way to quieten my restless mind. All that stretching is awesome for my flexibility, and the breathing practise helps calm my nervous system.

Yoga practise offers a myriad of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual benefits. So as I looked around the room in between Warrior Two and Child pose, I couldn't help but mentally assemble my Top 10 Reasons For Guys To Go To Yoga Class:… Continue reading…

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12 Signs You're Addicted To 12-Step Meetings

A lot of my friends tell me that they're struggling with addictions of various sorts. Some of them describe themselves as “sex addicts”, and a surprising number of those are female. Of course, I never meet them until they're already “in recovery”, do I?

12StepRoulette 12 Signs Youre Addicted To 12 Step Meetings

Play 12-Step Roulette. Pick a group, and go!

Everyone else I meet seems to be either alcoholic or codependent. They don't have time to hang out with me because they're always too busy “going to a meeting”.

So just to prove that I'm not bitter or anything, here are 12 signs that you're addicted to 12-Step meetings:… Continue reading…

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What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Not sure what to do with your life? Or do you have a grand vision for your future but don't know where to start? Stressed out because the way forward isn't always clear?

man question mark1 What To Do When You Dont Know What To Do

Confused?... Me too!

Yeah well some days I wake up with no clue what to do either. These tips haven't worked a damn for me, but I'm sure you'll find them helpful:

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How To Stay Safe In An Earthquake

The folks in Japan are basically living in the earthquake capital of the world, what with being perched atop the pacific rim of fire and all. So you'd expect them to know a thing or two about surviving earthquakes. And you'd be right. So today's life-saving tip on how to stay safe in an earthquake comes courtesy of the safety instructions that came with my Japanese-manufactured drum kit:

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My Big Toe needs YOUR Help!

Ok film lovers, it's action time!

My Big Toe has hit IMDB. In order to keep it there, we need some reviews.

If you haven't seen the epic saga yet, check it out here on YouTube.

Then, visit the IMDB page for My Big Toe by clicking here. Give it the star rating it deserves. (That'll be 10/10 of course). Add a glowing review. Start a discussion in the message boards. Go crazy...… Continue reading…

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Hypnotic Prosperity Meditation For Making Lots Of Money

If you want to generate loads of money quickly, it's very important to have the right mindset. All too often we've been taught negative beliefs around money right from early childhood. Our subconscious has been programmed with a scarcity mentality that causes us to repel wealth and prosperity; even though consciously we'd much rather be rolling in money like a pig in mud than struggling with financial poverty.

Dollar Sign Hypnotic Prosperity Meditation For Making Lots Of Money

Think Abundance, Not Scarcity

Think abundance, not scarcity.

Yet the scarcity mentality is incredibly pervasive in our society and can have a strong hold over us, so it takes some effort to break. Since the blockage is subconscious, the best way to address it is via hypnosis. It's a powerful technique for relaxing the conscious mind so that the subconscious can be directed to act in the manner that will be most effective for generating a lot of money; instead of … Continue reading…

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How To Start Your Own Religion

I don't know about you, but personally I can't think of any better way to stroke your own ego than starting your very own religion and amassing millions of devoted followers. Well, as long as it's a successful religion that is; obviously there's no point starting a religion that doesn't outlast your own mortal lifespan. For a truly enduring sense of self-importance you want your followers to continue worshipping you for at least a couple of millennia and that's going to be difficult if you don't have any by the time you die.

Clearly the mythology surrounding Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed make them difficult role models to emulate, but if a B-grade science fiction writer can start his own religion in our own life times then you can do it too. So here are my tips on how to start your own successful religion:

Endow Yourself With Divinity

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2013 Oscars Stub My Big Toe

In a huge shock to legitimate movie fans worldwide, the epic blockbuster My Big Toe was completely snubbed by its peers as it failed to win a single Oscar at this year's 85th Motion Picture Academy Awards ceremony in Hollywood.

220px Oscar statuette1 2013 Oscars Stub My Big Toe

My Big Toe failed to win one of these

The epic saga, which depicts the heroic story of one man's quest to save the universe and gain enlightenment, had been expected to clean sweep the Best Picture, Best Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Director, Best Script, Best Music, and the coveted Best Anatomically Correct Feature film categories. The obligatory making-of documentary Inside My Big Toe: The Making of a Masterpiece had also been expected to pick up the Oscar for Best Documentary.… Continue reading…

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How To Play Drums

I've been learning to play drums lately, and I really love it! It's actually very easy, and I picked up the basic concept almost immediately. So I've made this video that will help teach you how to play drums and show you just how much fun it can be:

Happy drumming!… Continue reading…

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