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The Things That Are Left Behind

What do you get when you bring three groups of homeless and otherwise marginalized people from across Sydney together to create a show about the entire history and future of the universe by asking them the simple question "What was here in the past, and will be here in the future?"

Milk Crate Theatre's Latest Show

Milk Crate Theatre's Latest Show

No, it's not a joke; but it is funny. It's Milk Crate Theatre's latest show The Things That Are Left Behind.

For the last few weeks, I've been working with these amazing people to create a show about everything, from nothing. Nothing is the surest of places to begin. In this show we colour in the nothing with live performance story-telling combined with digital animation; all created from scratch by street-wise folk.

After the performance will be a Q&A about how we worked together to unlock our collective creative geniuses.

I'm in it, … Continue reading…

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How To Avoid Being Creative

Creativity is a hot topic these days. Everybody is talking about it, writing about it, studying it. It's such a pervasive topic, that it's getting hard to avoid. But still, there's hope: The best way I've found to avoid being creative is to spend all your time reading books on creativity. Here's a video in which I explain exactly how to do that:

Here are links to books I don't recommend in the video, but are actually really great and well worth reading:… Continue reading…

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A Practical Guide to How Your Brain Works

Given that our brain is where the thoughts, feelings, ideas, beliefs and decisions that guide our whole life arise I think it's helpful to have a rudimentary understanding of how it works so we can use it more effectively.

Your brain is the most complex system in the known universe. Over eighty billion massively interconnected neurons form the most complex parallel-processing biological computer imaginable, and it's right there in your head controlling your every move. Nobody fully understands how it works, which isn't at all surprising when you consider that we're using our brain to try to understand itself. That's like a computer trying to understanding itself. So I can hardly do it justice in a single article but here's a rough guide to the features I think are most important.

Consciousness and The Mind

The mind is a function of our brain. When people talk about “the mind”, they … Continue reading…

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