International media content giant Sony have put the legal boot into the soundtrack of Graham Stoney's latest epic motion picture blockbuster, My Big Toe. Lawyers for Stoney Productions reported that they first became aware of the alleged copyright infringement in certain portions of the soundtrack after receiving a notification from YouTube's Content ID system.

“Sony Music Entertainment alleged via YouTube that the original soundtrack to My Big

My Big Toe Title

Sony Claim That This...

Toe bore a striking resemblance to the music from the opening title sequence of another well-known movie franchise, to which they claim to own the rights”, said the lawyer for Stoney Productions. “It's really just yet another case of some giant corporate conglomerate crushing the creativity of the little guy.”

A protracted legal battle ensued,

Star Wars Logo

... Sounded Too Much Like This.

lasting several minutes. “With a company as large as Sony, we had no idea who to call to resolve the problem.”, said Mr Stoney, “And to be honest, I couldn't be bothered finding out. I'd already moved onto other things.”

Rather than waste vast gobs of money they didn't have on legal fees, Mr Stoney decided to re-record the allegedly infringing portions of the soundtrack. “We had to reconvene the entire orchestra. It cost us a fortune”, he said. “But either way it was going to be very expensive. At least this way we managed to retain some creative control.”

The movie has already amassed a huge following of loyal fans on Twitter. Many fans are

Twitter Response To My Big Toe

Causing A Stir On Twitter

reported to have been devastated by the news, causing a sensation on Twitter hashtag #MyBigToe. Considerable outrage has been generated by some fans who are less than pleased with the new soundtrack.

“The original one was better”, said internationally respected movie critic Adrian Johnson bluntly.

Others have suggested that even the replacement soundtrack still smacks of being somewhat derivative. You can decide for yourself, here.

Lawyers for Sony Music Entertainment declined to comment on the dispute, saying only "We have absolutely no idea what on earth you are talking about."


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