Hypnotic Prosperity Meditation For Making Lots Of Money

If you want to generate loads of money quickly, it's very important to have the right mindset. All too often we've been taught negative beliefs around money right from early childhood. Our subconscious has been programmed with a scarcity mentality that causes us to repel wealth and prosperity; even though consciously we'd much rather be rolling in money like a pig in mud than struggling with financial poverty.

Generate Wealth With This Free Prosperity Meditation

Think Abundance, Not Scarcity

Think abundance, not scarcity.

Yet the scarcity mentality is incredibly pervasive in our society and can have a strong hold over us, so it takes some effort to break. Since the blockage is subconscious, the best way to address it is via hypnosis. It's a powerful technique for relaxing the conscious mind so that the subconscious can be directed to act in the manner that will be most effective for generating a lot of money; instead of constantly sabotaging your attempts to build wealth.

Luckily, I'm here to help. I've put together a free hypnotic prosperity meditation designed to help assist you in dealing with the subconscious blockages that are stopping you from contributing to a large personal financial windfall.

Note that you may encounter some resistance from your conscious mind during the meditation. In order to break through your scarcity mentality, it is imperative that you overcome any mental resistance that arises. You must break old patterns of behaviour and take the new action that your subconscious is learning that will generate wealth and prosperity.

If you feel resistance arising or think “I'm not doing that!”, remind yourself that's just the scarcity mentality talking. Relaxing the conscious mind, dropping your old judgements and taking action is key.

The meditation goes for about 14 minutes. So set some time aside to relax, chill out, and enjoy this free hypnotic prosperity meditation: 🙂

Play it here: [audio:/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/GrahamStoney_HypnoticProsperityMeditation.mp3]

Download link: Graham Stoney: Hypnotic Prosperity Meditation

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  1. Very true.. I created a positive wealth blueprint through meditation and self hypnosis. Everyday for about a month I put myself into a light state of hypnosis until I'd completely reprogrammed my inner mind. Great post!