Morning Qi Gong To Help You Calm The Fuck Down

I woke up in a bad mood this morning, and headed down to the beach to do some Qi Gong so that I could calm the fuck down. I decided to video it, to help you calm the fuck down too:

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13 Signs That You Have Abandonment Issues

So you're sitting in a room by yourself at your computer/phone, searching the Internet for the umpteenth time to try and work out what the hell is wrong with you.

Are you feeling a little abandoned?

Are you feeling a little abandoned?

You have abandonment issues, obviously!


Here are thirteen other clues:

  1. You feel a deep inner sadness when the cute girl/guy sitting next to you on the bus gets off.
  2. You break out in a cold sweat at the mere thought of rejection.
  3. Your heart aches when nobody retweets your last hilarious tweet.
  4. You ended all your past relationships, but somehow it still feels like they left you.
  5. You've had years of therapy, but you're still angry with your mother.
  6. You begin all your sentences with the word “you”, even though you really mean “I”.
  7. You meditate/pray with your eyes open, to make sure the other people are still
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26 Ways To Chill The Fuck Out About What Other People Think

I used to get tremendously anxious about what other people thought of me. Hang on a second; used to? Who am I kidding? I'm still as neurotic as the next person. But I have been making some inroads into this particular phobia lately.

Do You Worry Too Much What Other People Think? Chill The Fuck Out!

Do You Worry Too Much What Other People Think? Chill The Fuck Out!

It helps is knowing where it comes from, and it's partly an evolutionary thing: we evolved in tribes where individuals specialised in what they were good at, because that gave the tribe an evolutionary advantage over individuals living every-Neanderthal-for-themselves. Our ancestors were interdependent, and that meant they needed to get along with each other. Since the cook couldn't hunt and the hunter couldn't cook, rejection by the tribe meant certain death; so we learned to worry about what other people think of us.

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Urgent Warning About Nonviolent Communication

All right. Listen up, people, because this is important. Now, you may have heard of the recent demise of a certain man named Rosenberg. No, not Heisenberg - Rosenberg.

Marshall Rosenberg was a psychologist who became increasingly disillusioned with a modern mental health care system with its ever-increasing emphasis on diagnostic categories and labels for mental disorders which he found actually got in the way of him identifying with his clients' humanity and giving them the empathy that they needed to actually heal their underlying emotional trauma.

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What To Write When You Have No Idea What To Write

Like This Guy, I Have No Idea What To Write About Today

This guy has no idea what to write about today either.

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Fifty Things I Learned About Women From Fifty Shades Of Grey

My previous work as a Confidence Coach helping men to relate better to women required me to keep my fingers abreast of the ever-changing world of the modern female psyche. With this in mind, I recently read the phenomenally successful Fifty Shades Of Grey.

Why "Fifty Shades", Anyway?

Why "Fifty Shades", anyway?

Literary critics have been quite scathing about the quality of the writing in the book, but to me that's a bit like criticising the cinematography in Debbie Does Dallas.

While the depiction of the female anti-hero in the book may not represent or be typical of many modern women, it has clearly struck a nerve of some kind given it's legendary best-seller status amongst its mostly-female readership.

However, it is a bit of a tedious read if you happen to be a man. So, to save my fellow men from having to thumb their way through 514 pages of mommy … Continue reading…

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I Posted This Article On My Blog. You Won't BELIEVE What Happened Next...

This morning, I wrote this trite, pointless article with no socially redeeming value whatsoever, that makes broad sweeping generalisations and insults an entire demographic of people I've never even met before, just so that I can claim the moral high ground.

The Sexy Girl Isn't Actually Naked. Sorry, I Lied.

The Sexy Girl Isn't Actually Naked. Sorry, I Lied.

It makes no contribution to humanity. It's real purpose is just to get you to visit my site so that you will subscribe to the newsletter and click on my advertisements.

Then, I attached a stock photo of a sexy naked girl, with no relevance to the actual content of the article as a featured image, just to make you think that the article would be visually appealing.

Then, I posted it on my blog with a formulaic, sensationalist headline as click bait.

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How To Stand Out At Kirtan

I went along to my local Kirtan the other night. Just in case you don't know what Kirtan is, it's kind of like an uber-relaxed Hindu version of church: Everyone sits around on the floor while a guy with a guitar leads us in a series of chants sung in a call-and-response style. I've been to a couple of different Kirtans before, associated with the various different cults I've been involved in; but this was my first time at this particular group.

Kirtan is a lot more fun than this.

Kirtan is a lot more fun than this.

Now before my family read this and conclude that I'm going to hell for becoming a Hindu, I should point out that the reason I go to Kirtan is because chanting in a group makes me feel good. That's pretty much the idea behind the whole thing.

Most of the chants are sung in Sanskrit, which means I have … Continue reading…

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How To Be A Dickhead Personal Trainer

I recently had a conversation with a personal trainer at Fitness First on Collins Street, Melbourne that highlighted for me how not to work with a potential new client. Now I don't want to malign this fine institution or their personal trainers in general; I don't know the stringent requirements they have for the position, nor do I want to suggest that all their trainers treat potential clients the same way.

This Guy Is Probably A Lot Better

This Guy Is Probably A Lot Better

I'd probably include the specific trainers name here to avoid any possibility of confusion, if I could remember it; but I don't remember it, and frankly don't want to. I'll just call him “Mr Trainer”, on the basis that if I show him some respect, he might learn to do the same to me.

The interaction left me feeling cranky until I could channel my anger passive-aggressively into this article. So here … Continue reading…

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My Highlights Of The 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival

I totally smashed the 2015 Melbourne International Comedy Festival, going to over 30 shows during the 3 weeks I camped out in the Melbourne Central Youth Hostel, and then Nomads All Nations after the YHA kicked me out for overstaying my visa welcome.

Tickets From Some Of The Shows I Saw

Tickets From Some Of The Shows I Saw

I take my hat off to all the comedians who showed up and strutted their stuff for my amusement. It's hard to rank all the shows I saw, or compare them on any sensible basis as there was so much variety and talent on show and they were almost all highly entertaining.

But nevertheless, here's my best attempt starting with my most favourites:… Continue reading…

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