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I Posted This Article On My Blog. You Won't BELIEVE What Happened Next...

This morning, I wrote this trite, pointless article with no socially redeeming value whatsoever, that makes broad sweeping generalisations and insults an entire demographic of people I've never even met before, just so that I can claim the moral high ground.

The Sexy Girl Isn't Actually Naked. Sorry, I Lied.

The Sexy Girl Isn't Actually Naked. Sorry, I Lied.

It makes no contribution to humanity. It's real purpose is just to get you to visit my site so that you will subscribe to the newsletter and click on my advertisements.

Then, I attached a stock photo of a sexy naked girl, with no relevance to the actual content of the article as a featured image, just to make you think that the article would be visually appealing.

Then, I posted it on my blog with a formulaic, sensationalist headline as click bait.

You won't believe what happened next:… Continue reading…

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