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Quantum Consciousnonsense

The annoying recent trend among popular western mindfulness meditation advocates of pretending that mental processes like consciousness are best explained by quantum theory.

Heisenberg would certainly dispute Quantum Consciousness on principle.

Heisenberg would certainly dispute Quantum Consciousness on principle.

In fact, while the brain and body are highly complex and not yet fully understood, they almost certainly operate via predictable biochemical neurological processes, which occur several orders of magnitude above the quantum domain.

Essentially a modern day version of The God of The Gaps, attempting to fill the hole in current scientific knowledge with wishful but empowering platitudes.… Continue reading…

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What To Do When You Don't Know What To Do

Not sure what to do with your life? Or do you have a grand vision for your future but don't know where to start? Stressed out because the way forward isn't always clear?

Confused?... Me too!

Confused?... Me too!

Yeah well some days I wake up with no clue what to do either. These tips haven't worked a damn for me, but I'm sure you'll find them helpful:

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Hypnotic Prosperity Meditation For Making Lots Of Money

If you want to generate loads of money quickly, it's very important to have the right mindset. All too often we've been taught negative beliefs around money right from early childhood. Our subconscious has been programmed with a scarcity mentality that causes us to repel wealth and prosperity; even though consciously we'd much rather be rolling in money like a pig in mud than struggling with financial poverty.

Think abundance, not scarcity

Think abundance, not scarcity

Think abundance, not scarcity.

Yet the scarcity mentality is incredibly pervasive in our society and can have a strong hold over us, so it takes some effort to break. Since the blockage is subconscious, the best way to address it is via hypnosis. It's a powerful technique for relaxing the conscious mind so that the subconscious can be directed to act in the manner that will be most effective for generating a lot of money; instead of constantly … Continue reading…

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How To Meditate

A lot of people these days are stressed out to the max. There's work pressure, family pressure, relationship pressure, home pressure, financial pressure. Pressure, pressure, pressure. We race from one thing to the next in the eternal search for happiness, oblivious to the fact that the peace of mind and contentment that we seek already lies within. We just have to stop long enough to get in touch with it. But we're afraid of stopping because when we do, all the unpleasant emotions that lie between us and that inner peace come up and bite us. As a result, we push push push ourselves into ever increasing amounts of stress until we burn out and/or our health self-destructs.

What's the answer to dealing with the stresses of modern life? Personally I find meditation helpful and I do it every day. Lots of people are interested in meditation but just don't … Continue reading…

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Happiness by Matthieu Ricard

A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill

I was put onto the audio edition of this book by a colleague from my Toastmasters club during a conversation about what makes us happy. The book is a fusion of eastern Buddhist philosophy and western scientific thinking on what it means to adopt happiness as a lasting state of mind. A key point reiterated here which I hear a lot these days is that true happiness is an internal state; it is not dependent on external factors. If we are relying on other people or external circumstances for our happiness, then we are always at the whims and mercies of things that are beyond our control. When we are at peace with who we are inside, our happiness can be based on internal factors over which we have much greater control.

I can relate to a lot of what the author … Continue reading…

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