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Game of sex, death, violence and gratuitious nudity is more like it.

Game of sex, death, violence and gratuitious nudity is more like it.

The characters, locations and events may be fictional, but Game Of Thrones still says a lot about how religion distorts our natural inclinations and can lead people to do destructive things that they otherwise would not.

While the invented belief systems of Westeros are different to the invented belief systems of the real world, some disturbing parallels exist.

So here are 10 Things I Learned About Religion From Game Of Thrones:

  1. Sex out-rates religion
  2. You can sleep better at night by using religion to justify your lust for power
  3. The night is dark and full of terrors
  4. If you trip near the Moon Door, your god won't stop you from falling
  5. People are prepared to sacrifice their own children to appease their god
  6. The more gods you believe in, the less in touch with reality you tend to be
  7. You can always make up a god who is on your side; but it only really helps if your army is more capable than your enemies
  8. A spiritual leader who dresses in rags can still lust for power and revenge
  9. Heredity justifies insanity
  10. No matter what you believe, we all die in the end


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